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"Sustainable Lithium: Reducing Costs, Lowering Carbon Footprints"

The Blue, Green, and Green+ Refineries are based on proprietary process technologies developed by Lithium Ark. These Refineries offer a superior set of ESG benefits and financial performance unmatched by alternative refining pathways.

Summarizing the Lithium Refinery Types:

(Technical Grade = TG. Battery Grade = BG)

A Grey Refinery is a conventional lithium refining plant commonly used in the lithium sector today. Grey processing is beset by high reagent use, and generating considerable waste & CO2 emissions.

A Blue Refinery is a hybrid LiOH & KNO3 plant using Lithium Carbonate-TG feedstock.

A Green Refinery is a plant with a crystallization module for producing LiOH-BG and Potassium Chloride-Food Grade.

A Green+ Refinery is a plant with both Crystallization & Electrolysis modules to convert Li-Chloride feedstock to LiOH-BG. The plant uses a fully circular process using KCl-Electrolysis to eliminate reagent transport, and generate no waste or CO2 emission.

A Yellow Refinery electrolyses Lithium Chloride feedstock directly into LiOH-BG.


The five Refinery Types (30kpta LiOH-BG) are summarized and compared below.  

Advantage Comparisons by Refinery.png
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