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Lithium Ark Holding

"We are a clean tech company that is squarely focused on

de-carbonizing lithium refining itself."

Founded in 2020 as a clean-tech company, Lithium Ark is recognized as the inventor and developer of both the Blue and Green lithium Refining pathways. These pathways minimize or entirely eliminate waste from lithium refining in the supply chain. Further, the Green+ Refining process holds the promise to entirely de-carbonize lithium refining itself.


The Blue & Green Refining pathways were not developed to optimize conventional lithium refining pathways, but rather, to entirely replace legacy refining altogether. Our Green+ Refining process eliminates the need for costly reagent transport, and generates virtually no waste or carbon emission. Both Blue & Green Refining open the door to superior financial outcomes over traditional refining pathways. 

Lithium Ark's position in the lithium/battery supply chain: 


Lithium Ark works closely with companies throughout the lithium supply chain to produce battery-grade lithium chemicals. We work closely with upstream partners, such as miners, extractors and producers of lithium feedstock, including:

  • Hard Rock Lithium Producers

  • Brine Lithium Producers

  • Clay Lithium Producers

  • Direct Lithium Extractors (DLE)

  • Battery Recyclers

And, we work with downstream companies, such as

  • Anode & Cathode Battery Manufacturers

  • Automotive OEM’s

Our IP patent portfolio is made available to the lithium sector through partnerships, licensing and technology transfer with leading companies in the lithium, chlor-alkali and nitrogen-processing sectors wishing to increase company value, market growth and profitability.

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